Thursday, January 27, 2005

Making Safety Change Happen

"Have you ever heard a story like this? A worker made a special trip into his company because he realized he left a tool lying across a walkway in an area where vision is blocked. He was concerned this might result in an injury to another person.

The trip took 40 extra minutes of his time. On his day off. This is not an urban safety legend, nor a story from far away and long ago when everything was different. This occurred within the past three months at a wood products company with which my colleague, Ron Bowles, has been closely working. And this is not an isolated incident in this organization, which has significantly improved its safety performance on all levels."

I aspire to be as highly polished a safety catalyst as possible. If this appeals to you – and I hope it does – there are five steps you and I can take toward forging these attributes ...

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