Sunday, February 06, 2005

Driver distractions multiplying

Presumably, you're not driving while you're reading this.

"Gazing at a newspaper may be about the only thing drivers aren't doing these days. Myriad tech devices have joined the 'traditional' distractions working to pull drivers' eyes from the road. Who could have imagined years ago that drivers sometimes would be watching DVDs playing in the back seat of another car?

The good news is that the consumer electronics industry realizes there is a problem. The bad news is that it's not quite sure how to balance safety needs with consumers' ever-growing hunger for cars chock-full of the latest, greatest gadgetry.

An expert panel at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had a few ideas on the matter, although at least one audience member later suggested that technology has worked to actually reduce distraction - giving kids their own DVD player with headphones allows Mom or Dad to drive without a deafening backseat babble."

User Interface Design - Ergonomics

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