Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Help for small keyboard devices

"MessagEase is a new keyboard technology for entering text on small electronic devices. It provides a fast, intuitive and convenient way for entering full text on Tablet PCs, PDAs, cell phones, TV remote controllers, wrist watches, car navigating system, or basically any device where text entry is required and real estate is limited

Currently MessagEase is implemented for Tablet PCs�or in fact any Windows-based system�, PDA's running Palm OS, and Pocket PCs. We have demos for java-capable Motorola cell phones. Also our plans are well underway to create MessagEase keyboard for Tablet PCs.

MessagEase's keyboard has fewer but bigger keys. For a Tablet PC it appears as a compact, resizable on screen keyboard that you can use for entering any character you can enter using a regular keyboard, even the ALT and CTRL combinations. You enter the nine most frequent letters with a single tap and the rest of them with a single drag or slide of your stylus. Since the keys are both bigger and fewer, they are easier to find and hit. The combination of tap/drag on larger and fewer keys added to MessagEase's optimal letter assignment makes it very fast."

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