Friday, February 25, 2005

Her goal: to keep people at work

"By the job description, it sounds like Jane Hughes, RN, could be a school nurse. She administers first aid, provides education and tries to keep people from being absent."

But Hughes doesn't work with children; instead she works full time as an occupational health nurse at Assurant Employee Benefits in Kansas City, Mo.

Hughes now oversees the health and well-being of 1,300 Assurant employees in her building and 1,000 other employees who work outside the building. She shares responsibilities for employee health with exercise physiologist Amy Johnson and spends approximately 50 percent of her time in direct contact with employees.

Now she has a wide variety of other responsibilities, which include overseeing benefits that are paid for 13 weeks up to the point of short-term disability, and worker's compensation and ergonomics issues. Hughes recently met with the manager of company support services to review and revise a company ergonomics brochure. In addition, any piece of specialty equipment for an employee goes through her first.

"These can be anything from a different computer mouse to a sit-stand work station, or a keyboard for a person with multiple sclerosis or carpal tunnel syndrome," she said.

User Interface Design - Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) - Ergonomics

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