Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ingenious solution adds printed text to Braille and tactile graphic documents

"A new printing attachment for Braille printers promises a new world for the sight-impaired and those who share their lives, enabling Braille documents to be shared with sighted colleagues, teachers, friends and family. The PIA prints the corresponding ink characters above or alongside the Braille embossing and allows for images to be embossed and printed. Anything that appears on the computer screen can quickly be made into a raised, printed image on paper with software translation of text to Braille in Microsoft Word and Excel."

"Braille readers often have difficulty communicating with sighted people at work and in the classroom," says Jeff Gardner, ViewPlus Vice President, Sales & Marketing. "Combining HP Inkjet with the ViewPlus Pro Embosser means Braille documents can now be shared with anyone."

User Interface Design - Ergonomics

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