Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Computer Mouse Maneuverable with Nose, Tongue and Even Eyes

"A group of computer science students in Korea have developed a program where people can manipulate a mouse by moving their noses and tongues and even by blinking their eyes. The program may offer physically-disabled people easier access to computers.

The program recognizes the movements of a person's head, allowing a cursor to move to where this man's nose is pointing. People who cannot move their necks can use their tongues, while the blink of an eye activates the double click function. And just like that, Internet sites pop up on the screen.

This is made possible by a new computer program developed by a group of students at Hansei University in Korea. 'The technology works by distinguishing the characteristics of a face and tongue among the visual images picked up by a web camera.' Anyone with a cheap web cam can use the program.

That's because, the students say, many disabled people in Korea may not be able to afford it if it was too expensive. 'We wanted to let disabled people use computers more easily than by having to manipulate sticks or other tools.'"

User Interface Design - Ergonomics

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