Thursday, February 10, 2005

One hip invention: Dentist files for patent for chair he developed

"William Kropa, who had hip replacement surgery in 2001, recently filed for a patent for an ergonomically correct rehabilitation training and exercise chair that he developed. "

According to documents on file with, the chair is made of a base that is on wheels. The seat itself has an adjustable inclination to provide correct ergonomics for the pelvis and lower spine.The front support bar, which is adjustable and connected to the seat, can be pivoted back or forward. The bar has a cushioned front support that rests against the user's abdomen.

The base could have retractable foot extensions and pads that could be used to provide resistance to the feet, allowing the user to stretch and strengthen leg muscles by various exercises. By flexing feet on top of foot extensions the user could stretch and strengthen calf muscles, or by placing the heels in front of the foot extensions, and pulling backwards one can strengthen hamstring muscles. Kropa said by placing the feet under the foot extensions and pulling upward, the user could stretch and strengthen the thighs, hip flexor, and lower abdominal muscles.

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