Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A $14 ergo keyboard from surplus parts

"After suffering symptoms of an RSI, I investigated 'ergo' keyboards. It turns out that an 'ergo' stamp is an excuse to charge truly absurd amounts of money of very common equipment... like $500 for a keyboard, or $200 for a mouse.

I also found that no one had quite what I wanted. Part of my symptoms were pains in my elbows from being constantly bent, and pains in my wrists from being held rotated, in the plane of the keyboard. I wanted a keyboard which allowed my wrists and arms to be in their relaxed positions, i.e. at my sides. What I imagined was, basically, a saddle-bag keyboard.

This in mind, I visited a surplus computer parts store, and bought two keyboards for $7/each. Then I took a jig saw to one of them.
I can now report that it is possible to cut pc board in two with a jig saw and still have a functional circuit. :) I used the IDE plugs from a fried motherboard, and a spare IDE cable (which came with the last hard drive I purchased) to wire the two halves together. "

Hummmm, it is an idea ...

Ergokeyboard - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

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