Saturday, April 23, 2005

Body-smart gardening: Raise healthy crops without aches, pains

For many gardeners, it can be a real battle to get control over a lawn or garden.
And far too often, it feels like it.

"You get sore a lot. I've managed to damage tendons that took a few weeks to heal," said Linda Fayerweather of Maumee. "I tend to do a lot of aerobic gardening."

With plenty of repetitive motion and endless opportunities to get your joints out of sorts, it's easy to consider aches and pains a natural part of America's No. 1 outdoor hobby. (A National Gardening Association survey found that three out of four households in the United States participated in one or more indoor and outdoor lawn and garden activity last year, spending nearly $37 billion.) (Via toledoblade)

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