Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's time to rope in ergonomics

‘‘Studies have revealed that over 75 per cent of the computer professionals, besides the users suffer from some form of CRI leading to absenteeism, high rate of attrition and huge loss of productivity,’’ said Dr Sunder S, consultant in Physical Medicine at Prem Ergo Solutions, Chennai.

He was presenting his paper on ‘CRI and its significance’ at the workshop on the topic organised jointly by Asha Foundation and NASSCOM here on Wednesday.

It’s time to rope in Ergonomics -- a science concerned people and comfortable work environment, he said. Ergonomics takes into account of people’s capabilities and limitations and aims to make sure that tasks, equipment and the environment suit each employee.

CRI, the studies say, is on a rise in various sectors including banking, software industry and call centres where people spend long hours sitting in front of computers at uncomfortable work stations with non-adjustable tables and chairs. (Via Newindpress)

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