Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ergonomics in Today's Kitchen

Getting it right to start will avoid safety problems, increase comfort, and increase productivity ...

"Ergonomics in Today's Kitchen: The planning for efficiency and ease of use remains more important than ever. Even in the kitchen, ergonomics is now a new ingredient in the overall design. Convenient positioning of the main kitchen activities includes proper depth of the kitchen sink and correct height countertops.

When dishwashing, the sink should be approximately at the level of one’s navel, in such a way that plates can be held with column straight and elbows forming a 90º angle. Whereas taller people (5'- 5" and above) would feel comfortable working with a 10" deep sink, smaller persons (5'- 0") could be at greater ease with 8" deep sinks. Deeper bowl depth will better enable the cleaning of bulky equipment (pots, pans and trays) in the sink while reducing the amount of water splash. It will also keep out of sight dirty dishes.

36" Kitchen counters have been standard since the 1940s, but we may have had it all wrong. According to "The Countertop Uprising," an article published in the Wall Street Journal (March 18th 2005), more and more homeowners are remodelling and installing higher kitchen counters. This prevents the need to hunch over when handling food, especially for people of above average height."   continued ...   (Via Interior Design)

Sink Height - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

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