Monday, September 26, 2005

Many office workers suffer constant neck and shoulder aches

Singapore finds 80% of population has neck and back pains ...

"Like many other desk-bound office workers, Kate Wong experiences constant neck and shoulder aches from sitting long hours in front of computer screen. The 28-year-old office executive said that the pains exacerbated, until "my shoulders got so painful and numb that I could not bear to even turn my head".

Wong's experience is not unique. According to a Singapore General Hospital (SGH) survey of 325 office workers last year, seven in 10 office workers put up with aches in at least one part of the body, with the top incidence of aches in and around the neck, shoulder and lower back.

According to the Back Society, 80 per cent of the adult population in Singapore will suffer from neck or back pains."   continued ...   (Via Channelnewsasia)

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