Monday, November 14, 2005

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Products that help blind users ...

"My friend Randy is a technical consultant for IBM. He codes Java and provides user feedback for internal development teams. Like most of us, the majority of Randy’s work involves communication through phone or by email. And like most of us, his mobile phone is an essential tool for business and personal communication.

Randy has also been blind since he was 18 months old, due to a rare childhood eye cancer, retinoblastoma. As a result, he’s very keen on seeking out handsets designed for maximum accessibility—handsets that, in truth, benefit disabled and non-disabled users alike.

A 2004 survey by the American Foundation for the Blind lists the top two mobile phone accessibility needs as “keys that are easily identifiable by touch” and “voice output” — that is, the phone speaks menus options and settings, like the current time. Randy’s last phone had both features, but his current phone, a Sanyo SCP-200, lacks voice output — his phone no longer talks (back) to him — but it does have voice input features, such as voice-enabled dialing."   continued ...   (Via Gizmodo)

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The Treofrog.

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