Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Improving Access for People with Disabilities

Testing for both usability and accessibility ...

"When the designers of photocopiers, ATMs, cell phones, televisions, printers, scanners and other equipment need help determining how well these devices can be used by people with disabilities, they can turn to the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).

GTRI’s Accessibility Evaluation Facility assesses a variety of products based on the requirements outlined in Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act. Beyond evaluation, however, the researchers can recommend improvements to the products based on the concept of universal design.

“When we test products for accessibility, we conduct user testing and perform a checklist evaluation of the product based on technical standards for accessible design and sound human-factors design principles,” explained GTRI senior research scientist Brad Fain, who leads research in the facility. (Human factors design and engineering focuses on the interface between humans and machines.)

Research participants, recruited from the local disability community, perform a series of tasks with the products being tested. Researchers monitor participants’ performance on these tasks. The results of this user testing and the checklist evaluation provide researchers with objective data about product accessibility."   continued ...   (Via Georgia Institute of Technology)

Accessibility Testing. - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Accessibility Testing.

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