Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Managing Editor Wanted

Ergonomics In The News is looking for a volunteer managing editor to serve the Ergonomics community.

If you are working in ergonomics or a related area, and want to contribute to the ergonomics community, this might be a perfect activity for you. Also, if you are an ergonomics student, this would be a good learning opportunity for you to get imersed in the latest information available for workplace egonomics, safety, and biomechanics..

This activity will take an hour or two each day and can be done in your own time and from your location.

If you are interested, please contact editor@usernomics.com.

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Anonymous Hsien Lei said...

The editor you have now is doing a great job. I found Ergonomics in the News to be very informative and have featured it at the Genetics and Health blog.

All the best!

4:24 PM  

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