Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ergonomic Awareness Has Become an Important Factor for Employers and Employees

Ergonomics as an employee investment ...

"Thanks to Wojciech Jestrzebowski, a Polish scholar, who introduced the term Ergonomics back in 1857 we know more about how we can incorporate the use of equipment to help with some of the daunting work duties that may take its toll on our bodies in the long term. It has only been in the recent years that companies have taken notice and have implemented ergonomic equipment in the work place. Thanks to these employers we can now lead a healthier, happier life with less body pains, and strains than before.

Computer work stations have advanced significantly throughout the years as people sit at them more and more. The incorporation of a good ergonomic chair and ergonomic computer work station can be a heaven sent for those who are lucky enough to have one. Repetitive motion is one of the larger concerns when it comes to computer users."   continued ...   (Via India Daily)

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