Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Economics Of Ergonomics

The way ergonomics plays a role in medical device development ...

"Maquat surgical tables, lighting systems and ceiling service units all have one thing in common-exceptional ergonomic design that plays a vital role in improving workflows, productivity and operational efficiencies.

Closely working with leading medical practitioners around the world, MAQUET's Product Development Specialists incorporate the recommendations of the individuals who use our products on a daily basis.

This collaborative approach, coupled with the largest R&D investment in the industry, has resulted in the development of best- in-class solutions that provide an extra measure of safety, convenience and patient care.

For example, MAQUET Mobile Surgical Table Systems have played a key role in permitting timesaving, parallel workflows in what has been touted as the "OR of the future."

In surgical lighting, MAQUET's patented Automatic Compensation System provide flexible light head positioning on a vertical axis for procedures requiring "side" lighting.

MAQUET Ceiling Service Units, by their very design, provide better patient access with less clutter and enhanced provider comfort. MAQUET's Advanced IV Transfer System enables safe and efficient patient transport to and from the ICU. Throughout transport, pumps do not have to be disconnected, lifted or moved by hand.

These are just a few of the many examples of ergonomic enhancements that make a significant difference in the way medical practitioners perform their daily routines. It's the difference that has helped MAQUET Surgical Workplaces earn the distinction of being recognized as the Gold Standard of the medical world."   continued ...   (Via RedOrbit)

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