Friday, April 28, 2006

Ergonomist Provides Seven Tips for Creating the Ultimate Ergonomic Workspace in time for Occupational Health and Safety Week

Good tips for creating an ergonomic workplace ...

"Why Comfortable Computing Should Be a Priority at Home and the Office

If you are like most Canadian adults, you touch your mouse and keyboard more times per day than you do your spouse, your pillow or your car steering wheel.

Strange, but easy to imagine as true when you consider that research shows up to 95 per cent of us spend between four and 10 hours a day on our computers.

With so much time being devoted to such sedentary pursuits, a comfortable workstation and healthy computing habits are essential. We risk painful injuries otherwise, because when we work for prolonged periods in a non-ergonomic environment, we unconsciously train our bodies to accommodate discomfort.

According to ergonomist Dan Odell Ph.D., feeling discomfort while sitting at the computer can be an early warning sign of such "Information Age" occupational hazards as repetitive strain injury or RSI."   continued ...   (Via Microsoft Canada)

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