Saturday, April 29, 2006

Getting a lift

Job safety for nurses ...

"While nurses gain protection with ‘safe handling’ law, hospitals stepped in to make it business-friendly

That appears to be a common complaint among caregivers at hospitals. In fact, according to a 2003 Department of Labor and Industries study, nursing staff have among the highest back injury rates of any occupational group in Washington State. In response to this situation, a new Washington law goes into effect June 7. Known as the "safe patient handling bill," H.B. 1672 seeks to prevent staff and patient injuries due to patient lifting. Only Texas and New York have similar laws in place.

"I’m really excited about this bill," said Vicki Wornath, who is a registered nurse at Southwest Washington Medical Center.

The bill will require hospitals to provide mechanical lifts for the purpose of moving patients, and also requires hospitals to form a safe patient handling committee, of which half the members must be "frontline nonmanagerial employees" – i.e., nurses. According to Wornath, it is imperative that nurses have input on patient care – such as helping the committee choose equipment and form lifting procedures."   continued ...   (Via Vancouver Business Journal)

Lift used by nurses. - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Lift used by nurses.

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