Monday, April 17, 2006

Here's how to create an efficient, effective home office

Good tips on creating an ergonomic home office ...

"In a world of instant e-mail and 24/7 cell-phone access, the once solid line between work and home seems on the verge of dissolving. Technology lets us do business from our living rooms, and often we do.

But as we spend more time working from home, the design and contents of the space we set aside for it becomes increasingly important. By creating a dedicated work space — whether it's a converted spare bedroom or simply a corner of your kitchen — you can increase productivity while also maintaining a healthy delineation between work and play.

"You need to create a separation, even in a one-room studio," says author and home-office designer Neal Zimmerman. "Otherwise it becomes a situation where you're never sure whether you're working or living."

Zimmerman begins by asking clients what kind of work they'll be doing and what equipment they'll need. "There's no sense selecting a specific spot in your home if your work requirements will run in conflict with the space," he says.

Based on work habits - Often, decisions are based on work habits. Cheryl Demas, creator and editor of, an online magazine for work-at-home mothers, prefers being "in the middle of the action," where she can interact with her family.

But many of her readers opt for isolation, choosing the quietest spot in their home to limit distraction."   continued ...   (Via Inside Bay Area)

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