Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pedaling posture

The ergonomics of bike posture ...

"Erik Moen explains the finer points of fitting a bicycle to a person's body and vice versa. All the while and without looking, he uses a forearm as a curb to force cyclist James Watkins to stop bowing his left leg as he pedals an anchored bicycle.

Moen, a cyclist, coach and physical therapist, is well-known in the Seattle area for the attention he pays to emphasizing the ergonomics of bicycling. When a cyclist comes to see him, often complaining of pain, Moen checks the positions of the saddle, handlebars and pedals. Then, he watches how they fit with the rider's style.

Watkins is a distance rider who owns eight bicycles. He first felt pain around his right knee last summer during a long benefit event (which he admits he considered a race). So, he brought his favorite bicycle as he paid a visit to Moen at Kirkland (Wash.) Physical Therapy."   continued ...   (Via St. Paul Pioneer Press)

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