Monday, April 24, 2006

Problems persist in meatpacking industry

Safety problems continue in the meatpacking industry ...

"He works in a world of long knives and huge saws, blood and bone, arctic chill and sweltering heat. For Martin Cortez, this is life on the line as a meatpacker.

It’s no place for the squeamish. Some workers can’t stomach the gore — chopping up the meat and bones of hundreds of cattle, day after day. Cortez has been at it more than 30 years. It also can be very dangerous. Some workers have been slashed, burned or scarred. He has not.

Even so, Martin Cortez doesn’t recommend the work. The thrashing animals, the heavy lifting ... all that goes into putting steak and hamburger on America’s dinner tables, he says, makes for a backbreaking day.

“You know what I like to say to newcomers?” he says. “They don’t kill cows. They kill people.”

This, some would say, is The Jungle of 2006."   continued ...   (Via

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