Monday, April 24, 2006

Studying the game-brained screeniebopper

Australians have always had a reputation for embracing technology, so the fact that our children are as comfortable with it should be no surprise.

There's debate about how much time children should spend using technology after revelations that some boys are spending up to seven hours daily watching television or playing electronic games on computers or consoles.
Researchers are calling them screenieboppers.

Research from the University of South Australia suggests that boys have increased their average computer and game time from 30 hours a fortnight in 2003 to 56 hours today.

...The effect of technology on a child's intellectual development remains a hot topic, with important arguments on both sides of the debate.

Researchers are raising concerns about the lack of proper ergonomics, suggesting that long hours spent in front of screens with poor posture could affect bone development and growth."   continued ...   (Via Australian IT)

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