Saturday, April 01, 2006

WORKERS' COMPENSATION - A Guide to Useful Research

For those involved in Worker's Comp ...

"So that you don't have to, I spend a lot of time peering into management and research journals and e-mailing the authors, most of whom respond with grace. Every year, maybe 10 articles appear truly worthy of attention by the workers' comp professional. They cover management, insurance, law, medical care and safety. Because I've been in this field for 20 years, I could list 200. Within this space, however, I will mention but a few.

Research helps when it debunks, steering us away from conventional wisdoms that are really only overroasted anecdotes. It can speed change without chaos. Maybe my diagnosis of terminal optimism causes me to think that every senior executive should read at least the research summaries.

The safety and disability researchers there I have always found bright and hardworking, and it shows in the many papers they publish. You can scan their titles and order them online. Go to, then "site map," and Research Institute for Safety is listed under "contacts." From aging to ergonomics to predictors of disability, this site is rich with studies you can use."   continued ...   (Via Risk and Insurance)

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