Tuesday, May 23, 2006

14 Million Suffer Driving Injuries

Driving posture causing injuries ...

"Almost half of all British drivers are suffering from a painful new medical condition experts are calling Repetitive Driving Injury (RDI), caused by poor driving posture, according to eBay Motors. Ergonomics experts warn many drivers are risking serious long term muscle, joint and spinal injuries as a quarter of motorists admit they don't know how to correctly adjust their car seats for comfort and safety.

According to the new study, the five most common Repetitive Driving Injuries are foot cramp (suffered by 81% of the UK), lumbar pain (74%), stiff neck (74%), side ache (74%), and headache/eye strain (73%). Almost two million British drivers start to suffer from these after just fifteen minutes driving with 9% of drivers experiencing symptoms after driving just 22 miles.

"Despite eight out of ten drivers having suffered from RDI's, only one in five (21%) consider car comfort an important factor when purchasing a car," said Charlie Coney of eBay Motors. "Choosing the car best suited to their driving style should be an increased priority for all car buyers to avoid these symptoms."

Ergonomics expert Professor Mark Porter of Loughborough University has identified the four most common driving positions and their related problems. The results reveal we are a nation of 'Racers', 'Pimps', 'Multi-taskers' and 'Rollercoasters'."   continued ...   (Via CARkeys)

Driver Posture - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Driver Posture

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Anonymous Mark said...

I agree with you. Most people who get into accidents are those who do not know what to do during simple yet crucial situations like encountering slow-moving vehicles or when would be the right time to pass another vehicle on the road.

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