Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ergoblog: Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain Caused by Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies?

Do vitamin deficiencies contribute to RSI? ...

"Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain Caused by Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies?

One of the first things doctors do when you go in complaining about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or some Repetitive Stress Injury is tell you to take it easy for a while (sometimes offering a wrist brace) and give you a prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs. This helps some people, but a lot of us just have trouble again once we get back to work. Since visiting a new doctor (one who specializes in natural medicine, which involves getting to the root of the problem instead of just throwing drugs at you) for something else (see my heartburn blog), I'm starting to wonder about the role vitamin/mineral deficiencies might play in repetitive stress injuries.

The main reason I'm wondering is that I found out I'm not digesting things properly, so my body is short on vitamins, and minerals. I'm currently being tested for food allergies (which can be the basis for all of this). After finding out that joint pain is one of the side effects of this malnutrition, I'm wondering if that may be at the root of my RSI (as well as my other issues). It's something you don't necessarily think about (at least I didn't, because I eat a healthy diet), but now it's got me looking up these things on the Internet (and I'm definitely going to ask my doctor about it when I get the results for my food allergy tests)."   continued ...   (Via Ergoblog)

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