Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ergonomic Mouse helps minimize repetitive stress injuries

An interesting mouse idea for reducing RSI ...

"AliMed, a leading provider of ergonomic products and solutions to the health care industry, has taken on the Hoverstop active ergonomic mouse to expand its line of injury-prevention solutions for the computer workplace.

The Hoverstop is a unique device that eliminates unnecessary overuse of the mouse without impacting productivity. Now AliMed's customer base can provide a risk-reducing measure for its complete computer workforce, rather than dealing with the costly treatment and rehabilitation of injuries that have already occurred.

The Hoverstop looks and functions like a normal mouse. But when a user holds the Hoverstop for more than 10 seconds without use, it gently vibrates. This reminds them to remove their hand and relax, providing several "micro-breaks" during work. The soft vibration will not interrupt the user's train of thought, allowing them to work normally.

The research results on the Hoverstop are impressive; it has been proven to cut static tension in the muscle groups involved with mouse use. Average computer users have their hand on the mouse two-thirds of the time. The Hoverstop reduces this time by more than 25% with no reduction of work speed or quality."   continued ...   (Via ThoomasNet)

Hoverstop Mouse - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Hoverstop Mouse

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