Sunday, May 07, 2006

The First Laptop Computer Stand Designed Specifically for Business Travelers and Use on Airplanes

New product for in-flight use of laptop ...

"With the prospect of in-flight internet and 92% of all business travelers carrying laptops on flights, passengers need more comfort, safety and ergonomics when they use their laptops on commercial airliners. The new AVIATOR ™ Laptop Stand from Keynamics® LLC is the first and only stand specifically designed for business travelers.

To provide comfort for laptop users aboard commercial aircraft, careful consideration was given to not only the position of the laptop for optimal user comfort, but also to accommodate the reclined seat in front. The AVIATOR is designed to be sturdy and extremely stable to handle turbulence and bumping from other passengers.

The AVIATOR Laptop Stand safely extends the laptop keyboard 2.5 inches over the front edge of the tray and raises the screen by 3 inches. The keyboard is positioned at a comfortable angle for typing and the screen is placed at the proper eye level for reduced neck bending and back strain.

The stand eliminates the "hunch" and allows the passenger to rest their back against the seat for spinal support, achieving neutral postures as OSHA recommends. The AVIATOR™ doubles as a portable desktop stand for use at the hotel, coffee shop or office."   continued ...   (Via Keynamics)

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Laptops offer many advantages over desktop computers. They are portable and require little storage space. Also, today it's possible to purchase a powerful laptop computer at a reasonable price. Portability and small size come at a prize though: because keyboard and display are close together, you are forced to work in an awkward position.
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