Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hospital Reduces Injuries With Its 'Safe Lifting Environment' Campaign

Trying to improve hospital worker safety ...

"Staff injuries are being reduced at Highland Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., thanks to an innovative, national "Safe Lifting Environment" campaign that promotes the safe movement and handling of patients.

After suffering an injury last year while moving a patient, Tanya Walsh, RN, coordinator of the No Lift Protocol at Highland Hospital, became concerned that other nurses might also injure themselves while working with patients.

Now, Walsh is spearheading an effort to raise patient lifting and safety awareness with staff nurses, and for help in her efforts she is utilizing the resources of the http://www.safeliftingenvironment.comSafe Lifting Environment campaign.

It all starts with education, says Walsh, and without it nurses can find themselves in a difficult situation."   continued ...   (Via Occupational Hazards)

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