Sunday, May 21, 2006

Is your workplace making you depressed and ineffective?

Depression in the workplace ...

"A new e-report highlights that many office workers exhibit symptoms similar to Seasonal Depression even in summer months and this can have a significant impact on their work output and interaction with colleagues.

The review of recently published research suggests that employers should be paying much more attention to the mental state of their employees and the time that they spend in the sunshine. Individuals working with computers in subdued lighting can be particularly affected and this can have real implications for those in call centres, computer programming, the media and animation. But all workers are at risk.

Even on sunny days working adults may need 1000x more exposure to sunlight to stay mentally and physically healthy. Access to windows, and even the highest standards of office lighting, has little impact because it is biologically necessary to be exposed to bright sunlight or intense white light for a reasonable period first thing in the morning to suppress melatonin, the sleep hormone. If this does not happen then the symptoms for many can include lethargy, low energy, carbohydrate craving, poor sleep patterns and depressed mood during the day."   continued ...   (Via SourceWire)

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