Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Laying Down On The Job With Your 'Book

Getting a good ergonomic posture with a laptop ...

"The advantages of portable computing are not limited to road warrioring. To my way of thinking, even if it rarely or never leaves your house, the portable has it all over desktop machines in that you can use it pretty much wherever you like, in any room and in a favorite comfortable chair, on a sofa, or in bed.

However, literal laptop computing, ie: with the machine on your actual lap, may be okay for very short stints, but the ergonomics and body-English are terrible, and with newer Apple ‘Books, especially the MacIntels, the heat they generate gets uncomfortable - even dangerous - very quickly. The solution is some sort of device that can elevate the laptop above your lap while sitting or laying down, and preferably place the keyboard and monitor at an elevation and angle that is more comfortable and results in less stress on muscles, ligaments, and nerve tunnels.

Currently, I know of only two products that fulfill these requirements; the laptop Laidback, and the surfACE laptop stand. Both have their strong points, and both are unique (albeit quite different) products."   continued ...   (Via MacOPINION)

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