Monday, May 15, 2006

Visual ergonomics for computer users

Visual ergonomics for working with computers ...

Most of us are dependant on computers for some form of interaction these days. We are now able to work, shop, play and communicate -- all from our desktop! But our eyes were not designed to stare at this type of image of extended periods of time, so our eyesight may suffer. Let's look at the different factors that affect the eyes while using a computer.

The Monitor

Viewing a computer display differs significantly from normal paper viewing. The images are created differently and the quality can vary. If the screen flickers or jitters, your eyes will strain to see it. Be sure the brightness of the screen is uniform with the background brightness of the room. LCD (flat) monitors are different the CRT (deep) monitor but not necessarily better for viewing. The best choice will depend on what type of work your patients are doing and other factors."   continued ...   (Via SheKnows)

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