Monday, May 01, 2006

Workplace should be adapted to workers

Creating an ergonomically ehanced workplace ...

"Any business owner knows that misusing or failing to maintain machines, tools and office equipment doesn't make good financial sense.

They'll malfunction or break down before their time.

But employees-- who typically don't come with operating manuals -- can wear out under a strain, too.

And in many cases -- whether they're pounding on computer keyboards in offices, working in factories, arranging merchandise in stores or doing just about anything else -- workers have no choice but to adapt to their surroundings and the tools of their trades, rather than vice versa.

As a result, some end up performing their jobs in awkward, uncomfortable, unhealthy positions, according to Fran Greene, chairman of Human Factors and Systems at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. They may get eyestrain and back pain, become unnecessarily stressed and fatigued, and develop conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

When the principles of ergonomics -- the science of adapting environments and tools to better suit people -- are ignored, a company's bottom line is also likely be hurt, Greene recently told members of the Volusia Manufacturers Association. Decreased productivity and increased health costs typically result."   continued ...   (Via Daytona Beach News)

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