Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cell talkers as impaired as drunk drivers

Cell phone use is as bad as drunk driving ...

"A driver talking on a cell phone, who was not paying attention to the road, nearly ran Frank Drews off a Utah highway last week.

Drews, a University of Utah researcher, knows something about the dangers of driving and yakking on a cell phone simultaneously. He and other U. scientists have a report out today in the journal Human Factors suggesting that people who talk on the cell phone while driving seem to be as impaired as drunk drivers.

"The risk of getting into an accident is probably comparable," said Drews, a study author, of cell talkers and drunk drivers.

... After several papers in recent years on the dangers of cell phone driving and discussing the preliminary findings from this latest study three years ago, the message seems to be stuck in traffic, Drews says. On any given day on Interstate 15 - or any road - you can spot drivers with cell phones glued to their ears or using hands-free devices. There is no state law in Utah regulating the use of cell phones while driving."   continued ...   (Via Salt Lake Tribune)

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