Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finding Relief From Back Pain

The document-based care (DBC) programme ...

"Lower-back pain affects half the adult population and 80 per cent of adults will have at least one episode of back pain in their lifetime. The good news is there is treatment for neck, back and shoulder pain, writes Annie Freeda Cruez.

For Sujatha M.K. Saranalis, an insurance clerk, it was not a physically demanding job but she was unable to work after bone degeneration brought severe back pain.

"I was hospitalised several times and when I could no longer deal with my problem, I wanted to stop work," said Sujatha.

Young offshore engineer Jules Leon Fernandez had been dragging himself to work, suffering from chronic back pain because of an injury in October.

Then there was this worker who was on a 13-year medical leave due to severe neck and back pain.

Today, thanks to the document-based care (DBC) programme, Sujatha, Fernandez, 26, and the worker on long medical leave are back at work.

The DBC programme is a scientifically-structured programme developed after years of research by a Finnish company of the same name to treat chronic back and neck pain."   continued ...   (Via RedOrbit)

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