Sunday, June 18, 2006

Freedom from pain: Yoga for ‘desk jockeys’

Yoga at your desk ...

"For desk-bound executives who work long hours on the computer and suffer aches, there is help at hand — a Canadian author has brought out a book that promises freedom from pain using techniques of yoga. Titled Yoga for the Desk Jockey, the book offers what it calls “simple at-your-desk yoga exercises that reduce the aches and pains associated with computer work in just minutes each day”.

Says author Susi Hately Aldous: “Over the years I’ve collected and adapted yoga techniques that help release tension and ease the strains of computer work.”

With computers such an inescapable element of the modern workplace, aches and pains in the neck, back, wrists and shoulders have become a “bothersome companion for millions of working people”, says a promotion for the book.

Yoga for the Desk Jockey features fun and effective ways of moving, stretching and breathing that can easily be performed in ordinary office clothing by the average person,” says Aldous, a former ergonomics consultant who became a certified yoga instructor and now owns a yoga studio in Calgary, Canada."   continued ...   (Via The Peninsula On-line)

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