Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Home Safety Month: Council Suggests a 'Hands-On' Approach

Bringing safety home from work ...

"According to the Home Safety Council, home injuries cause nearly 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits each year in the United States. To raise awareness and educate people on the importance of staying safe at home, the organization is launching its annual "Hands-on Home Safety" campaign this month, which is Home Safety Month.

As part of the campaign, the Home Safety Council has expanded its offering of resources and educational opportunities to help families take a hands-on approach to home safety.

"The 'Hands-on Home Safety' campaign urges families to take simple actions to create a safer home environment," Home Safety Council President Meri-K Appy said. "Taking a few simple actions to make home safety a priority right now can protect loved ones against some of the most common safety hazards – falls, fires and burns and poisonings – and prevent an injury that could have life-long consequences."

The Home Safety Council's "Hands-on Home Safety" theme underscores the message that while the public is responsible for actively practicing home safety on a regular basis, safety doesn't have to be very costly or time-consuming.

The national campaign aims to not only inform the public about key home safety issues but also to promote the simple actions people can take to reduce serious injury risks. The theme will be threaded throughout all Home Safety Month activities and materials to reinforce the message and encourage the public to take action."   continued ...   (Via Occupational Hazards)

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