Monday, June 19, 2006

Kids reach for the keypad at earlier ages

Starting young with RSI ...

"Children are using a wide range of electronic gadgets earlier than ever before.

On average, children in the United States are using video games, cell phones and portable music players by age 7, according to a survey by technology research company NPD Group. That's about six months earlier than a year ago, it said.

Kids used televisions by age 4, on average; desktop computers and video game systems by about age 6; and cell phones and portable digital media players by about age 9, according to the survey of 3,540 parents.
That's good news for the health of the electronics industry. But is it healthy for children? A growing number of health experts are beginning to doubt it.

•In England this month, an 8-year-old girl was diagnosed with repetitive-strain injury from sending too many text messages on her cell phone. According to published reports, the chiropractor treating her says he sees similar injuries about twice a month in children who overuse cell phones and video game systems."   continued ...   (Via

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