Monday, June 26, 2006

Mobile texting speeds can help diagnose stroke

Predicting strokes with text messaging difficulties ...

"A difficulty in sending mobile-phone text messages could be an early symptom of neurological disease, doctors have warned.

A team of researchers in Dublin has coined the phrase Dystextia to alert phone-users who notice a slowdown in their text-typing speed to be aware of potential neurological problems.

"Usually, if someone is having difficulty sending a text, it is something to do with spelling or language problems," said Tom Cawood, one of the researchers based at the James Connolly Memorial hospital in Blanchardstown.

"In one case, however, a patient was left-handed, understood language and spelling well enough, and knew what he wanted to say. The difficulty was getting the words out on the phone."

The patient who inspired the research was a 40-year-old man with a poor history of health. He had type 2 diabetes, obesity and had suffered a previous stroke from which he made a full recovery. He noticed his texting abilities had started to deteriorate, with a reduction in the speed and accuracy of sending messages on his phone."   continued ...   (Via Times Online)

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