Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sitting on a ball keeps office workers on a roll

A different approach to ergonomic seating ...

"Picture an office teeming with workers who couldn’t be more on the ball. Chests open, shoulders straight, trunk muscles offering plenty of anti-slouch support.

Each is perched atop a round, inflatable plastic object, variously known as an exercise ball, stability ball or Swiss ball. Each is practicing the art of active sitting, turning a chairless workplace into a fitness-conscious ballroom.

Chalk it up to the ingenuity of a sedentary society: a strategy to combat the hunched shoulders, concave chests and disengaged lower body of the chronically deskbound.

Because of their unstable surface, these durable stability balls are forcing sedentary workers to activate underused muscles, to subtly shift their weight, to remain alert.

...Few professionals in the fitness field have focused on the role of stability balls in a nongym setting as intently as Canadians Jane Clapp and Sarah Robichaud. Their new book, "Working on the Ball: A Simple Guide to Office Fitness" (Andrews McMeel Publishing; $9.95), is among many that demonstrate how stability balls can be incorporated into a fitness program."   continued ...   (Via CantonRep)

Working on the Ball - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Working on the Ball

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