Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Too gaga on gadgets

Children's health and small devices ...

"A new survey shows that children are using a wide range of electronic gadgets earlier.

On average, children in the United States are using video games, cellphones and portable music players by age 7, according to the survey by technology research company NPD Group, based in New York. That's about six months earlier than just a year ago.

That's good news for the health of the electronics industry. But is it healthy for kids? A growing number of health experts are beginning to doubt it.

"Nobody knows just how big the problem is or even if there is a problem," said Alan Hedge, a Cornell University professor of ergonomics. "But there is enough evidence out there to say that if you overuse any of these technologies, you're going to have problems."

In fact, claims of electronics-related health problems in kids are becoming nearly as commonplace as iPods or Game Boys:

* cellphone text messages. According to published reports, the chiropractor treating her says he sees similar injuries about twice a month in kids who overuse cellphones and video-game systems."   continued ...   (Via The Arizona Republic)

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