Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Warning! Computers can cripple you (continued)

Looking into RSI a little further ...

"In the previous article I wrote about the devastating effect of repetitive strain injury (RSI) and some ways to avoid being struck down. In this article I will look at some technologies that can help both as preventative measures and as assistive measures for sufferers.

RSI and other work related injuries such as backache, neck-ache, headaches, eyestrain and tingling in the fingers are now becoming very common complaints. In a recent survey by ICM for Home Working Solutions nearly 50% of computer users complained of at least one of the symptoms and even more worryingly this rose to 70% for the 18–24 age group. The problem for users and their employers is that mild symptoms can turn critical very quickly so everyone should be aware of the issue and avoid even minor symptoms.

All these symptoms are caused by some mixture of:

- Un-ergonomic work stations.
- Intensive working on the computer without breaks.
- Gripping the mouse for long periods causing muscle fatigue.
- Repetitive small movements in particular, but not only, single and double mouse clicks.
- Precise but small movements such as moving items in a page layout.
- Bad typing position, bent wrists, two finger typing or trying to press more than one key with the same hand.

So how can you continue to use the computer and get the job done without having adverse side effects, and if you are already suffering how can you avoid further pain?"   continued ...   (Via IT-Director.com)

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