Saturday, July 15, 2006

Alliance with American Industrial Hygiene Association Renewed

AIHA continuing ergonomics and safety programs ...

"Calling the Alliance with the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) a valuable and proven resource in fostering workplace safety and health, OSHA Administrator Ed Foulke today extended the agreement for an additional two years.

"OSHA has enjoyed an exceptional relationship with AIHA over the years; this Alliance is but one example of how we work together to make workplaces safer and more healthful for all employees," Foulke explained. "Together, we have accomplished much since first joining ranks nearly four years ago. It is important that we stay on course, and I look forward to continuing our association with the professionals at AIHA."

"AIHA is pleased to continue its longstanding, cooperative relationship with OSHA and look forward to continuing to work on important programs, products and services," added Frank Renshaw, AIHA President. "This Alliance will help ensure that today's workers and occupational health and safety professionals are being well served."

The OSHA and AIHA Alliance was first signed in October 2002. Since then, participants have worked closely together on numerous fronts, including the inclusion of updated resources on both OSHA's and AIHA's Web sites related to ergonomics and hazard communication issues. AIHA representatives now serve on editorial boards of 27 OSHA Safety and Health Topics pages, covering such issues as fire safety, machine guarding, radiation, personal protective equipment (PPE), and noise and hearing conservation, to name a few."   continued ...   (Via Safety Online)

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