Thursday, July 27, 2006

HSE guidance to help shiftworkers run like clockwork

Establishing standards for shiftwork safety ...

"Raising awareness of the health and safety risks of shift work and suggesting sensible measures employers, safety representatives and employees can use to reduce the negative impact of shift work is the aim of a new publication from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

More than 3.5million people in the UK work shifts, across a variety of sectors including public services and heavy industry. Poorly designed shift-working arrangements and long working hours that do not balance the demands of work with time for rest and recovery can result in fatigue, accidents, injuries and ill health.

Drawing together advice and best practice from a range of sources, "Managing Shift Work: Health and Safety Guidance" explains employers' legal duties and the risks associated with shiftwork and provides advice on risk assessment, design of shift work schedules and the shift-work environment."   (Continued via Government News Network)       [Ergonomics Resources]

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