Monday, July 03, 2006

Often overlooked, hands deserve healthy attention

Don't overlook hands when considering workplace ergonomics ...

"Health care providers want you to take care of your hands as you would any other part of your body.

They’re right in front of you. They express your feelings, they feed you, they shape your career. Your hands are so much a part of life that you may seldom think about them.

... Himanshu “Sam” Samantaray, a certified hand therapist at Excel Therapy Specialists of Muskogee, said taking care of your hands is often a matter of asking yourself some basic questions. “How often do you use moisturizer, and how often do you use gloves to work in the flower bed?” he said. Other than obvious injuries, there are other warning signals that your hands need extra care. “Pain is first sign,” Samantaray said. “Then there is swelling, tingling or numbness, and any loss of function including weakness.” People who want to reduce stress on their hands can consider ergonomic products that make daily tasks easier. Samantaray gave a few examples, such as foam adapters that make brushes and other handles easier to grasp, electric instead of manual can openers, and garden tools with special right-angle handles. When treating patients’ hand problems, Samantaray uses a variety of “modalities.” These include job-related exercises, hot and cold packs, ultrasound, a transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator, and paraffin packs."   continued ...   (Via CNHI)

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