Sunday, July 09, 2006

Repetitive strain injury: 'How do we combat the crisis that time forgot?'

Another look at RSI over time ...

"Rewind a decade and repetitive strain injury (RSI) was the biggest health-scare story around in British offices. Workers up and down the country were becoming permanently disabled as a result of overusing their keyboards, it was reported. But 10 years on the story appears to have vanished from the media's radar. So has the problem vanished too?

Far from it. The latest official figures show that the number of British workers suffering from RSI has reached 448,000 - up by 52,000 in just one year. Tonic, a digital design agency in London, is among the growing number of companies that are getting worried.

"Twelve of our 50 staff have RSI," says Tonic's commercial director, Mark Porter. "So we'd like to know what measures we can take to help them, and also to prevent it occurring among other members of staff."   continued ...   (Via The Independent)

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