Sunday, July 16, 2006

Safety Hits Home

Worker safety in the home ...

"With twice as many workers getting hurt in off-the-job incidents than at work, safety managers are beginning to see home safety as the final frontier for worker protection.

Meet Rover. He is an affable hound and a persistent home safety champion. His light-bulb nose goes "code red" when he sniffs out danger, while his trusty sidekick, Freddie Flashlight, helps Rover illuminate some of the hazards families face while at home.

No, this isn't a new Saturday morning cartoon. Rover and Freddie Flashlight are characters invented by the Home Safety Council to help teach young children how to make important safety decisions when confronting dangers at home. In the video, Rover instructs the kids to say "Code Red Rover, Grownup Come Over!" whenever they come across a safety hazard and need an adult to correct the situation.

Rover, also a Home Safety Council mascot, is used as a resource by companies nationwide as a means of getting their employees and employees' families involved in learning about home safety hazards. He is one of the many tools associations such as the Home Safety Council and the National Safety Council (NSC) use to assist employers in teaching workers the importance of off-the-job safety. The reason why these two councils are placing so much emphasis on the issue is because statistics indicate that today's workers are safer on the job than they are at home or in their communities."   continued ...   (Via Occupational Hazards)

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