Saturday, July 01, 2006

Simple math: Healthy employees equal healthy companies

Preventing injury before there is a problem ...

"A shift is taking place in today's business world towards a better work-life balance as many companies come to realize that healthy employees make for a healthy bottom line.

"Companies and corporations are more in tune now with health and wellness and to have a more productive employee they should typically be healthy, fit and eat properly," says Bruce Walker, vice-president of sales for the Ottawa Athletic Club. "With a more balanced person, they can work harder and lose less time at work due to illness or injury."

"For example, more than 100 of Giant Tiger's employees are members here because the company sees the value of team building and they subsidize a portion of the memberships as a perk," says Mr. Walker. "We also have recently signed up 20 employees from Grandor Lumber and we also work with IBM, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance and the Canada Revenue Agency, who has an office close by."

He says many people are surprised to learn that a recent study showed more than 63 per cent of the adults in Ontario are not active enough to achieve optimal health benefits. Mr. Walker says statistics like these are helping companies recognize the value an investment in employee health and fitness makes because not only is it the right thing to do, but it's becoming necessary thanks to today's couch-potato tendencies."   continued ...   (Via Ottawa Business Journal)

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