Monday, July 17, 2006

We love... Ergonomics

A basic explanation of practical ergonomics ...

"Ergonomics is one of those things few of us ever think about, not because it's obscure but because it's so effective we take it for granted.

Ergonomics is the use of science to produce human- friendly designs. Usually that means making devices which fit comfortably with the appropriate parts of the anatomy. It can also involve sciences such as psychology, for example in design and positioning of signs for public or staff information.

Ergonomics is mostly about making life easier for us, but in some cases it does more than that. Industrial facilities designed without recourse to ergonomics can contribute to accidents, for example if a worker stumbles or loses balance reaching for inappropriately positioned machine controls.

Many of us will be familiar with non-application of ergonomics through ailments such as backache or repetitive strain injury. Office workers risk RSI if they spend long hours at computer keyboards, the standard form of which has evolved from the typewriter. The mouse, by contrast, has been designed to fit snugly under the hand, with the buttons falling automatically under the first two fingers."   continued ...   (Via icWales)

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