Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Choice of one for disabled on-line supermarket shoppers

Making websites accessible is taking a long time ...

"Tesco is the only on-line supermarket which exceeds minimum accessibility standards for disabled users, reveals leading computing and disability specialist, AbilityNet. In its latest eNation report, the national charity revisits the top five food retailers’ websites, originally reviewed in the summer of 2004, to establish what progress, if any, has been made towards best practice in this multi-million pound market place.

The survey looked at both usability and accessibility using a programme of automated tools, as well as a wide variety of manual checks. Consistent with the 2004 report, only www.tesco.com can be easily accessed by people with a vision impairment, dyslexia or physical disability making mouse use difficult, and gains a four-star rating on AbilityNet’s five-star scale.

Just one other site passes the basic three-star accessibility rating - www.morrisons.co.uk - which has improved significantly from its original one-star score; but as an information only site, visitors cannot purchase goods directly on-line."   (Continued via Ability.net)            [Ergonomics Resources]

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